Woke early, feeling nervy. Circular
Rationale, mental roller derby-
Driving 12 east, resell peace, for
1 minute at least. Then I park,
See three sparks. Look for a new
Lark, outside an enclosed break room–
Sabbatical, take soon. More revenue,
Another boon. Uncertainty over me
Looms. Uncomfortable, critical states.
Moving slow, result of subliminal wear.
Difference.. Apple and pear. Annoyed
With despair. Clarify my penning eye,
With more red wine. Unsure if I’m what
You’d discern as fine.. So I readjust the clock,
So it eventually locks. Immobile, inactive,
Stationary, with traded rarities. Language
Chemist, banished descendants. My
Stream thought, tangential.. Answers to
Their criticisms, oh, I’ve planned several.
Wild writer, I am ferrel. Take my Cab straight
From the barrel. Till I can’t perceive or
Paragraphs retrieve.. I write this still in teeth
Grind, waiting for takeout, no trees climbed.
Is there a potion to see dollars from dimes?
Mechanical pessimist, I stumble with
Tested bliss. Amphibiously scrupulous,
Take to two miss. But I’m still a followed
Diarist. Now with wired lips. Sick in this
Tired tryst. Distance myself from devices;
I’m on the left where the right is. De-vice
My routine so my sense is clean. Cold,
But only when ordered or told. Wings expand
So I eventually see rings in sand. Symbolic,
Systolic.. Jackson Pollock.