8/6/12.  1000 words for book, logged.  Nice so far, this day off.  Little Kerouac upstairs naps.  And me, his obsessive writer father, here on couch, watching Sun appear.  Should be a bit warm today, which’ll be good for the grapes.  Excited for my wine, 2B made with Kazzy.  Doesn’t look like Katie and I will be doing another project, which saddens me, but I can still follow her, tag along and learn a lot, I’m sure.  Taking winemaking notes today, without fail.  Need to keep up on my Self-education, if I ever want to make wine, eventually sell it like Ed.  No tasting 2nite, with my big run tomorrow.  Need to watch what I eat today as well.  Taking a break from this “wine blog” to do research on actual “wine” material, making it, tasting notes, varietal growth, aging…  Everything.  Wonder if I could harvest SB at different times, perhaps a couple weeks apart [2 separate blocks], eventually blending them together.  Would that compromise expression?  Don’t think so.  Different Bx levels, molding bottle character.  Just made a note to Self, in winemaking document on desktop about blending a little Sémillon into my SB project.  And I know people do that.  Just wanted to note I was thinking about that.  Don’t really want to do it.  Looking to bottle 100% SB.  Pure varietal expression.

My winemaking style, more than blending, is more on varietal translation, interpretation.  Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon.  Smooth & tropical, voluptuous & deep, erotically magnetic.. respectively.

11:02pm.  Sipping sparkling water.  The berry type I like.  Not sure if I’m running 2morrow morning.  The scheduled outing, I mean.  I’m running either way, no matter.  I’ll detail it more, but a revolution’s just around the corner.  One entirely Literary, that’ll change everything.  Wish I could tell you more.  But, the line-crossing I’ve before addressed is finally here.  Ripening.