Writing in Comp, most of morning.  Need to get that winemaking book today, replace the one I lost.  Still can’t believe I did.  I never lose books, EVER.  Anyway, not much planned for my Sunday.  Tomorrow, back at SV Winery.  Have to pay some bills, too [don’t let me forget..].  Fantasizing about being blog-free.  Or at least wine blog-free.  But, I have been having fun with 1Stop, lately, keeping it simple, uploading the occasional picture, or video.  Again, no writing.  Only photo, video.  All writing to specific projects.  And yes, bottledaux would be an “official” project, ending at year’s end.

10:34am.  Mom and Dad, over soon for lunch.  Travel, that’s what I’m writing for; Writing obsessively so I can one day write about travel while traveling.  ?!!!  Driving Self to a meteor of insanity.  Must be the mocha.  Have to print for the book–I mean, PROJECT.  Wine bottles next to desk.  Makes me think of what my eventual office will look like.  I do want a wine fridge, a little bottle collection, but I more than anything want an espresso machine, and coffee cockpit close.  Have to keep the Lit streaming.  “Streaming,” hate that word.  So slopped with digitized demonry, social media, marketing.. all anti-Art.  Sylvia Plath…  Where is that collection of her entries?  Feel a stinging shove to read, suddenly.  But, no time.  Have wake Little London, prepare for Particular Palates’ visit, then dash to my errands.  Not enough time, EVER.  But, when finally Autonomous, that’ll all change.

Newly added to travel list, Australia.  For wine, yes.  But even more so, for writing on those beaches, hiking in the outback, or wherever allowed.  Also, South Africa.  On my “bucket list,” quite peaked actually: a safari; writing while just staring at all that godly wildlife.  My most loved creature, the Leopard.  Lions.  Elephants.  Those water buffalo.  Everything I can.  And one more, Israel.

Costa Rica.  Was just looking into wildlife tours.  All this researching, “looking into” just frustrates me.  How do I just DO?  As I said before, write my way there.  But how?  What does this writer WRITE?  For one, keep all these efforts simple, not at all scattered, even though that’s my habit, tendency.  Has to stop.  Winemakers don’t produce their bottles by straying sequence.  There’s a directive, a linear follow-through.  Seeing Self, just roaming with a journal…  And if I for some freakish reason lost the journal, while in travel, on the road, I’d have the material in me, in mind; it’d be eternally scribed.  “What’s out there?” I keep wondering.  Just want to see.  -MM