contextually poured verses

“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” playing this morning at work…

Then Cathy saying, as we were closing, “Can’t get no satisfaction.”

Mick Jagger hosting SNL, saying “People ask me if I’ve gotten satisfaction”, or something like that…  What does all this mean?

Leaving computer in home, tomorrow.  So, 128 session, all on actual pages.  Song, poetics propelled by monstrously molded mocha.  That’ll bring satisfaction, when I’m on the road with my Comp Books’ contents.  Tomorrow morning, can’t wait for that spot off 128.  Removed, tranquil, useful.

11:55pm.  Mick Jagger’s singing “Satisfaction” in a skit, mocking someone karaoke-ing his perdurable song.  This harmony, keeps arising.  What’s it trying to tell me?  Guess if I can’t hold satisfaction, I’ll write it.  Right?  Clocking out 11:59pm.  10 days from 33…

5/20/12 – Mood, low.  Haven’t written yet today.  Oh, that’s actually not true.  Had my 128 session.  But I’m only now touching down on the keyboard.  Keyboard…  Blog…  Tired of it all.  Can’t wait for this electro-log to be done.  No wine tonight.  Only a couple beers.  Over the next few days, printing everything I write, except for any bottledaux posts.  Treating this laptop like it’s a typewriter.  Like I’m Capote, Crafting my masterpiece book from stacks of notepads.  Hoping I’ll be home from the drive to SFO by 2pm.  Quite sure I will be.  When home, I AM doing a tasting.  Somewhere in Russian River.  I’m after Pinot, especially after the guest today talking to me about my favorite Pinot producer [Kosta Browne].  Haven’t tasted a newly stunning Pinot in a while.  So, yes…  A drive rather warranted.

Yesterday’s song, “Satisfaction,” still on mind, in head.  Would love to perform in front of the crowds that Mick Jagg’ has, still does sometimes.  Today’s guests, all of them have me thinking of Art, my Art, how others might respond.  Finished a song this morning, in the finishing steps of my mocha, that I’d love to read.  Are there any readings in the next few days?  …  Found a couple, but they’re late.  Sacrifice, right?  Found some instrumentals for possible recitals.  Clocking out.