Friday, Autonomy-Bound. In Wine. Writing. Art. Peace.

11:25am.  Sonnet written.  500+ in book idea.  Thinking of nothing but wine, rime, on way to AV.  Listening to these spoken word pieces from some New York artists has me all the more motivated to just be me.  Not spending my life in seek of please.  That being said, I’m riding on positivity’s sleigh.  Mocha gone.  Saddened, but only briefly, as this morning’s meeting has me more than empowered.  For the first time in a while, I feel in control of my journey through wine’s cloudy industry.

How many pieces should I have prepared for my open mic, next week?  Well, if I can find one, that’s what I keep realizing.  I know Sebastopol has some, from time2time.  And North Light, in Cotati.  And if I don’t find one, I’ll just record [for the first time in probably a year…  I think].  Whatever I have to do to share my words, pages.

Hate commercials on Pandora.  Buying an upgrade when home tonight.  Also going to buy direct video upload capability for 1Stop.  True, my focus is on the writing, but 1Stop’s my business, the only effort I can afford.  And the footage addition isn’t that much.  Only $50-something, I believe.  Will have little pages on person at AV event, note moments for Wine Bar idea that’s been slithering in my sights, quite forwardly in days recent.  Why are they there, these fancies?  Where would I open this bar?  How would I fund it?  Don’t preoccupy Self with such, I think, sitting here, counting down.  “Just enjoy the ideas, the fantasy,” I hear Kelly saying.  Autonomy, my career goal…  How hard could that be, right?  Again, if those derelict swine statues [all the odd, socially inept idiots I’ve met over the years, owning their own shop] can be successful [at whatever operation type they hold], then I’m sure to be soon in comfortably tasty peace.