Taking a break from writing in the idea project.  Just counted Wine Biz stash.  And, much to my most pleasant of moment gifts, I have over $1,000, even with my recent dips.  Hiding it far away from my instant reach, so you know.  All I’m going to say on that.  Need another cup of coffee, I realize, listening to this French Café channel.  Have to pay a couple bills, too.  One of which is that moronic cell phone ticket a very bored Santa Rosa cop gave me a few weeks back.  Oh, need to charge camera for pics today.  If I can’t go on vacation, travel like Mom and Dad, I can certainly play the role of a tourist here in my near zone; capture the flowering vines, the impatient buds.  Wine Country, where many vacation, is where I live, work, play.  Taking advantage, today.

Uploading some pictures I took yesterday, and over the past few days, some from last week.  Should I use the stash for a camera?  NO! … Already entertained that direction, and I’m not blowing my hard-earned accumulation, to get me closer to Artistic Autonomy, on some petty device.  Already have camera equipment, and I’ll work, CREATE, with what I have already, thank you.

Not really into the songs of this station.  Need be more Artist-specific.  And, this reminds me of work.  Love where I’m giging, at Lancaster, but this is my day, completely to Self, my Art.  Need this instant scene unique…  Changing dial…  Much better, with Morcheeba.  Just checked account balance.  A touch over $400 to last me till next check.  Minus this bloody ticket, I’ll be just over $200.  If I divide by 10 days, I should be fine.  But, no coffee, and least from that corporate bean hut.  And, I need a very conservative budget for the Wine flight analysis I’m to do Sunday night, here in my home office.  Budgeting $60 for that activity.  Let’s say, less than $20 for an SB, $20 for a Syrah, and $20 Cabernet.  But then, tax.  Should I increase to $80?  No, that’d be irresponsible.  Maybe I should buy today, with my industry discount, instead of within a store’s strictures.

(5/10/12, Thursday)