12:32 Granola and some cinnamon bread.  Finishing coffee. 

Money I spend not on lunching out goes into photog, any tech business effort or idea.

13:01 lunch starts.  At the little black table in the beautiful break room/kitchen area.  Aims laid out.  Have an hour to intensify and change momentum.  Only things I’ll allow myself to do.

Coffee wearing off but so what.  I have a song in my head that’s not a song, but a chorus, or chant.  Call to self to be more madly adaptable to situations and rooms new.

Message coming from two places.  Ignore all but the Nurse’s, for now.

Founder in office with me, showing me the Meraki dashboard earlier and some things you can do with it.  A little history on how the company was founded.  Stanford guys I guess.  No surprise there.

Didn’t sleep that well last night, Henry calling me in at whatever-dark-thirty and nothing but getting kicked and slapped after my rescue dash.  No complaints, just associations, the logical.. no sleep, means I’m tired.  Will need another coffee for sure.

Thinking about working the rest of the day in the loft.  But then… no.  Stay here.