The idea of a sketch pad.  Hmmm…

Something about it that grabs me, and especially now.  Why… what is it about a sketch?  The rushed and informal nature of it, like a documentary, record and keep moving.  This is pushing me forward, and making me somewhat of an architect in mind and what I see for me and this blog… maybe I don’t need to start a site as I was thinking earlier when I pulled in after having to go back to the loft for the work laptop.

Nervous all of a sudden.  Not sure why.  Looking for another old picture… something that I totally forgot about.  Found one.

From Chalk Hill’s property.  Yes, totally forgot I took this shot.

13:23, plenty of time left in literary lunch.  Telling myself to have writing take a sort of back seat to something like photog or tech, but I can’t.  They are in a total tandem.

Interests and elevated interests, then what you’d call passion.  What to balance and how, when.  What deserves more, and what goes where.  Catching myself overthinking more and more as I turn into this 40-ish bloke.  And honestly it’s infuriating.

So just stop.  STOP.