11:46…. Head first into the week.  No looking back and no fear or any reservation.  Another meeting in 14 minutes, review of some intricacies of our CRM’s and interfaces.  Taking lunch at 13:00.  No run though, going to try and launch from the loft after work.  Nurse shouldn’t be over till around 19:00 or so.  Plenty of time for 4-5 miles.

More photog found last night.  Average about .673 at the moment.  Fine with it.  It’ll go up with the 1001 word mark and when I really start hitting it consistently.  Thinking at writing needs to happen at beginning of day, and/or end.  But then I want to run in the morning, early, as I might do tomorrow, maybe.  Not sure with the Nurse spending the night.  Don’t like the thought of leaving her for an hour or more.  I’ll figure it out.

More coffee.  Yes.  Needs to happen.  Getting a cup.  And not thinking about it.

Wine and what I do with it.  Asking myself the question.  AGAIN.  Nothing new, use what you have, what you’ve already Composed and spoken, written.