08:53… office.  Thought I’d be later, and here after others but no.  Just me and one other person here…

Logging the whole day as I did yesterday, learning platforms and interfaces, apps and client list.  Everything.

Write about it without writing about it. The charge and electrifying feel of new ideas and direction, new stories, people, learning… business and business dimensions.  Talking to self, giving self not so much advice but fuel, just listen to the music of the current room, of all the new rooms.

Keeping separate log of new projects, have to stay on top of it.  No more Mikey procrastinations of deviations.  Another coffee, after the one I had on the drive over from the gas station in Vacaville.  OH, I’m AWAKE.

Nurse messaging me and liking what I messaged her.  Won’t see her for 5 days…. Not sure how to feel other than a bit sad and just longing for this human.  Like she says she does during apart periods, keep busy.  Distract yourself, go further into this new project, story and businesses.