Need more coffee.

Edited last post a bit.  No more.  If I write it, it goes on the fucking blog.

Hungry already.  Shit.  Have more coffee.  Fasting till after 12, as always.

Missing the Nurse.  That girl has this writer changed, weak, for sure…. Sending her a quick note.

Note sent, now drafting an email to clients.  My mood is flapping its wings, then just hovering.

Happiness I feel now, this intense, feel like I have to share it.  I’d be doing wrong if I didn’t.

10:54…. Another meeting in a couple.  Same as the last one, yesterday.  Check in with existing client.  My gratitude is distracting me… the Nurse and a story she told me about a kid, boy, about Emma’s age (7) that she recovered this morning.  Told her I’d be a mess, and that she’s an angel for being as strong as she is, being there for that little guy.

Never met anyone like the Nurse—  Can’t dwell, I’ll get sad or distracted or both.  Wanting my kids now, 16:30 can’t come quick enough.

Call done, interesting hearing the client speak of tech needs and concerns.  This new story moving quick.