Quick nap, lunch, shower, several emails and calls, and again calm.  Picking up Jack and Emma around 16:00.  Plenty of time to continue on this paperless mission.  Threw more papers away.  It’s becoming addicting.  This allegiance to minimalism teaches me more about this me that’s new and not after much but health and happiness for me, the kids, family, and that’s about it.

Too quiet, but I have thoughts in my head that are roaring like the 20s.  Travel, boats under bridges with the Nurse in Italy or wherever.  Travel… Nurse and I talked about Cancun next May, then Paris after that.  Among other destinations of course, when we talk about possibilities and dreams and making things happen she fires a fire in the back and forth that is electrifying.  And her story, becoming a Nurse… absolutely this is not the same Mike Madigan you’ve read before.

Usually feel guilty after a power nap.  This time, no.  Just more sense of freedom and drive to write.  Record everything and be more documentarian.  14:04, don’t have to leave for at least another 90 minutes.  Grateful for this office, Windsor.  This new story.  

Breathing in EVERYTHING