Last day of Sept, then into my favorite month.  Thinking about it, yes, October is my #1.  For a number of reasons.  Anyway, planning day.  Jack’s baseball at noon, when he has to arrive, then Emmie at the Windsor soccer spot at 15:00 or a bit before.

Coffee, waking me.  Slept in, and had a weird dream about sleeping in, that it would hurt me or take energy away and I couldn’t get it back.  Woke next to Henry in a panic, immediately started brushing teeth and going through laundry if you can believe that.

Simplifying, everything.  Consolidating as much as I can.  I am noticing this about myself, getting older.  Less is nearly ALWAYS better.  With writing, work, relationships, investing to a degree.  Just keep it simple, just an older-timer would say.  No need for a multisyllabic coffee order from Starbucks or Noto this morning, what I have here in the loft kitchen’s coffee corner will more than meet need.

Meditation… simplification.  10:12, kids upstairs, Jack and Emma, getting ready for the day.  Have to be at their mother’s at 11:30 to get sports clothes and equipment.  Already feel the day’s speed, single dad time warp.