08:10 meeting over.  Thank god, gods, EVERYTHING and anything anything good.

Busy day… two meetings, a lunch at 13:00 I think. Dinner tonight with kids, parents, Nurse.

Testing self, challenging… HUMOR.  Find the funny in your immediate scene.  These goddamn receipts.  Hilarious, I have to say.  What am I keeping them for?  Track spending I guess, but doesn’t my bank already do that for me?

The receipts and inputting them, somewhere, anywhere, any way, has become like an OCD thing with me.  Since 2021, about end-July or early August.  The first of this little pile, hand soaps I bought for the Nurse and I at Bath&Body Works, Vacaville.  Everything that day, the first of Fall, 40% off so we were like, “We’re buyin’ shit today…”

08:22 ~~~ Peace.  All I feel in this office this morning.  Gratitude…. The last year, since Oct ’22… wow.  A writing orb, humorous.  All of it.  Especially some people and their deranged edicts.  More later, in the book for sure.

Walk yesterday to the Embarcadero, needing to clear my head.  All those people, their conversations, the one guy shirtless and on a skateboard crossing from California to the Embarcadero then on the sidewalk north cruising by the piers.  Looked so free.  Me, breathed in envy…