Call still going.  SoCal being discussed, all the projects they have down there.  Doesn’t concern me.

Humor… that’s the anecdote.  You know what, I hate that word.  Humor is what I’m doing, how I’m speaking, that’s all.  With everything.  Everything with a comedic consideration, even the shit that infuriates me and if you know me you know precisely what and whom I’m referencing.

Take emotion out of it, all of it, connect humor.  Jokes.  The voices on this call, literally making me smile… the guy talking now and his I-know-everything-because-of-my-title tone, PERFECT.

One of my students years ago, I think in 2015, writing these essays that would make her fellow students, and me, fans.  Stacy I think her name was….  Look at this, me wanting to be like her.  And she was not a student but a TEACHER, and only eight fucking years later am I getting it.  Nice.  Growing up at 44, remembering a teenage girl’s writing in a community college classroom.  Nice, Mike.

07:54, what now.  Trying to initiate some contract blogging projects.  Not sure how to begin… photog is the nucleus, where it starts from.  Writing comes second, which is weird for me to say.