Stuck in thoughts of the Nurse, new stories and experiences.  So quiet in the house.  Not letting myself turn on any music.  See how I react… make music with my own thinking —

Dinner last night, changing the way I see family… my kids and how happy they were the Nurse joined us, how Henry followed her everywhere, sat next to her at dinner…. LOVE, a kind new, new definition and implication.

……..left for the book, but calling upon all my authors and trying to read like Jack does.  Poetics in my room, on my skin, in the latte I’m sipping.  Now done.  What do I do.

Call in 40 minutes with …  Should probably prep some notes. 

New story, not calling it a …  It’s not.  A book…..

Only so much I can control.  Taking self out of character for objective consideration.  Thinking about nothing but how I think, how I approach people and places, instances… how some people are.  

Don’t react, I tell myself.  Distract yourself… pictures.  The kids, the vineyards, streets and buildings in SF.  Everything teaches, everything has stories in stories, atop more stories.

Meeting in 20 minutes.  No notes prepped…. Really only one thing written.