Month almost done.  09:18 and home from drive.  Decided to take the long way ‘cause fuck 37, and I wanted to see the vines, part of Glen Ellen.  Went by so far as time continues to do.  Why do I even mention it, it validates time and has me talking about it like it’s some actual cognitive entity.

Latte the Nurse bought me, still a couple sips left.  Running in the 10:00 hour like I did Friday.  New route, five miles, still no pace focus or priority.  Laundry and football later, I told the Nurse.  This morning with her talking about work and schedules, travel and plans like last night by that fire pit, knowing my story is now forever different and will continue on this Road and contour.

I will let nothing push me to any embankment.  More than focused or set… Trouble typing this morning for some reason.  I straighten up, posture.  Slow my types, more of. Dance across the keyboard, celebrating this peaceful morning to myself.  Much as I miss her.

09:24 = Our talks yesterday, about where we were a few years ago contrasted with now.  Deconstruction, molecular consideration.  Teaching.

Happiness, imagine that.