Call at 9.  Tired.  Have to somehow find the energy for all I need to get done.  I’m going to do it.  

NO, I AM doing it.  Now.

The day will not be allowed to get away from me.  Just put a line through two things on day’s list.  Now this call.  5 minutes away.

Call done.  Now to something else.  Not stopping.  No interest in a pause, of any length.


10:54 quick power nap.  Had to.  Back in chair and readying for meeting.  Need to type up some notes.  Distracting self with projects.

Not worried about this call.  I refuse to be.  There is so much out of my hands, and so much …..

Meditation….  Calm in this office.  MY space, my church, place to collect and compose.  The kids this morning, so easy getting out the door.  There were a couple scares with Henry getting a bit temperamental, and Emma hurling a couple barbs at Jack but Jack stayed calm, silent.  So situation avoided.