Guys for HOA done with inspection of roof.  Had to gain access through some little opening on the third floor.  Nice guy who talked with me here in office while the actual inspector guy was doing his survey.  Connected to community, here for over 40 years, knows everyone.  Talked to me about some work he did for KC’s Kitchen, one of my favorite spots on the Green.  Now I want a burger.  So much for running.

Told him I was thinking of starting a little IT business for small businesses, see where it goes.  Or at the least, an internet and telecom consulting shop.  Need something else, but not sure what.  Something new, a challenge, something that will be outside my comfort zone but close enough to its shore I could paddle to land if needed.

Nearing lunch, and I might just walk to the Green and treat myself.  Why not.  No, I say to myself.  Save money, have the other half of the Poor Boy sandwich you bought yesterday at Oliver’s.  Reminds me, have to go back there again for tonight’s dinner.

Grateful after Nurse’s message.  I am here, alive, loving…. BUILDING.

Hot and muggy, def no run.