Single dad-ing like crazy this morning and it’s beautiful.. teaching me more than any job would, can, does.  Looking at old pictures, then up at the kids.

Camera plugged in… Found one shot to use.  Revisiting the photography curiosity again, this time with more ease and not as much self-pressure and insistence.  Why not just see where it goes…?  What if I could generate some significant rev’ from photog…?

Budget right now, extremely tight.  Waiting till later in the month to upgrade equipment, and I will.  I have to if I’m going to explore this any further… territories, if I had any:  Sonoma County, and SF’s financial district.  Need to walk the city every day I’m there… starting tomorrow.  And not just those upward shots of the buildings and their sides, the contrasts of architecture which I do find interesting, but the city has more in the way of visual narrative.