Back from dinner.  20:30, calm in the loft.  Quiet..   Tomorrow, may log off early.  May, haven’t yet committed to anything.  Journaling emotions and thoughts, dreams and visions, notes about the new ramen place we went to tonight, in Santa Rosa.  Honestly, it was okay.  A robot brought our check, and a small tram brought the sushi for Mom.  Interesting, not sure I’d go back.  Jack was excited for me to try this place, he loves it. Sparing him my critical remarks, obviously.

She texts me, asks me what I’m writing and if that’s okay to ask.  Normally I’d dodge the question, or give some vague answer.  But I told her the truth… relationships and how we react and interpret things.  PEOPLE, while often annoying me at one time now I’m fascinated.  All the people in DC I met, from North Carolina to DC, New York and Boston… So Cal of course and some people from Texas as well.  One guy working at the hotel where we had out big dinner from Jamaica…. Moving to New York then starting a family and getting a place “in nature” as he said.  So smily and loving, delivering passion in each word about his wife and kids.