…asking myself WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

Everything around me, and capturing it with a sense.

Tired, and instantly.  Why?  What changed?

Lady gets up from her small circular table, I take it, 15 seconds time, tops.

Pictures when walking to office.  One of them stopping me.  Slight edits, ready for post.  Eager to get home, sit at the desk and write, look through more picture – old ones, edit and post.  I mute the anxiousness, calm, no emotion, storm of gratitude.  This morning getting up thought about working from home.  Was only a few blinks away from deciding on doing so.  Didn’t.  Knew I needed to get out of the house, enjoy the drive, 61-ish miles from my Windsor exit.

My order my camera tonight.  Just need to look at a couple things in the MAP.  Bed early tonight, like last night.  Getting nearly a full 8 hours.  Couldn’t believe it.  Last time that happened was…

Baristas talking with each other, about their week ahead, scheduling, some shipment of either beans or cups that just landed.  Young tech couple in front of me speaking in Russian, no way to tell what their thoughts are.  They’re calm, speaking softly, so I’d imagine about people they know, something they did yesterday and over the weekend.