In meeting/training.  I am paying attention and I am present.  Just noting thoughts prop tech and the ‘my prop tech’ idea that I started jotting on a 5×8 sheet.  Not just conceptual, I want to learn this technology.  And I will.  I AM.

Meeting with the IT guy yesterday, Martin, still ringing in memory and deliberation with my new sales story.  Thinking more like an SE because of our lunch.  I’m fully tech now, more than any real estate take.

Still a stop on the RE test and study.  But, I do want to be familiar with the real estate climate/s here in the Bay Area.. how it infuses and intersects with technology.

Mobile adoption, for an app and Apple Wallet.  Interesting.  Some I don’t get, and frankly because I don’t have the background and brain of an SE, but the rest is quite common in its sensical setting.  You listen, you deconstruct it to its most basic attributes and elements, you’ll get it.

Paying attention to the vision, the goal, the metaphor of a vineyard but in no way want a vineyard anymore, nor a small winery.  Wine and its gravity are fading.  I’m changing …