Trying to keep posts and entries under 199 words and I hate that I focus on count but I need

“boundaries”, parameters and prompts specific and stoic.  So.. there, noted.


Did take a quick nap, small snack-y lunch in kitchen and back at desk.  The development this morning, saw it coming, happy it arrived.  And here I am again… blank page.  Fucking dating apps, I swear.  For the most rounded and voluminous and obvious of idiots.  So why am I trying?  Shit, I don’t know.

Actually not trying.  That’s right.  My effort minimal, at a high-high maximum.  My priority in “finding someone”, hate that fucking language and those two words next to each other, is not.  No priority, exertion, or even real interest.  Considering it an experiment…

OR, writing assignment.  Journaling ideas and findings, any conversations, then writing them.  My SE and I had a conversation briefly one day – the day we walked 20+ blocks on California Street back to 425 Cal – about relationships, and the length of them.  How people change, and how illogical it is, really, to expect something eternal.  Yes it happens, but how often?

Anyway… working at the desk.  FOR MY KIDS.