Only my second cup.  Surprising.  10:30 in 27 seconds, kids getting a little antsy.  Will take them to the Green.

What do I want to do today, besides clean and laundry.  Plan my Sundays going forward, the Sundays I’d be in the downtown TR.  Start with a run, then go out to vineyards for pictures, minimum 40, or something.  Not deciding number yet.  Then, go through them… write.  Already sounds more enjoyable than pouring wine and selling bottles, much fun I have with Chris and the Orin Swift brand, just time to move on.

Meditate, enjoy quiet.  What I don’t have now and I’n mot complaining, just want to spend my non-kids Sundays working on MY projects.  That singular and simplified, consolidated.

Henry comes into the kitchen where I’m working to say hi.  Speaking of pictures, there’s an ant farm population’s worth in my phone.. Emma and Henry, Jack umping, Henry posing, Jack at first base warming up…. Too much to go through right now.