from the journal…



Up early.  Laundry already going.  Jack and Henry up, Emma still in sleep.

Allergies in attack mode, already warm in here.  Will need a nap today, at some point.  After the baseball event, hit-a-rama.  Think that’s what it’s called.

Something calling me, not sure what. Restless, in decisive.. focus on the kids I tell myself.  They’ll right your.

First espresso done, now another.  Check laundry.

Went up and checked, something like 39 or 36 minutes left.  Went to Emm’s room to check on here.  Not there.  “What the…”

Come downstairs and see her in Dad’s old chair.  Her stealthiness is impressive.  Invisible.  I give her a big kiss and hug, ask if I can get her anything.  “No I’m fine Daddy, thank you.”

Henry requested waffles before the laundry check, come down and refuses to eat them.  Then just a second ago I hear him say from the loft, “Okay Dada…” Takes inaugural bites and continues.

Waking up and allergy hits fade.  Thinking about the day and I know I shouldn’t.  Just live it, be present, walk on the pages, each hour.  Meditations…

Single dad story, build more.

More stoic practice and consideration.  No excess emotion, but with the kids it’s hard.  The love is commanding, and pleasantly compromising.