Frenzied, panicked a bit, and over what.  No idea. 

Trying to get out this proposal and no one is helping.  Finding humor in it, I have to.  I can only do what I can do, and what I need bleed to page is the wackiness of this company.  How disjointed and scattered and anti-communicative it is.  There are exceptions of course, but…. Anyway, what’s in thought this morning.

Second double espresso… leave at 3:30 or so to get kids.  Have to fit in a run like I wrote yesterday…. After 12.

Then I’m at peace with my character and his story.  Why worry, so. Much is far from any navigational ability.  Maybe everything is, so why not laugh.

And why not enjoy your morning, do something that makes you happy and smile.  Whatever it is, doesn’t deserve your stress and angst and worry.  In ANY way.

As I settle further into the morning and day, I think of the kids and pretend they’re reading, watching, EVERYTHING.  So… their dad is this, he thinks this way, is doing this to get over HERE…

Friend recommended I go for a run, telling her I’m stressed.  Agreed.  So agreed.