Kids here with me.  Jack and Emma. 

In the office doing a couple things before readying for bed.

Moving a little money for the MAP.  Keeping everything simple, singular and consolidated.  Shit.. getting late.  So much I want to do right now, but, as I noted, TIME.  Always.  That’s always the issue, whether positive or negative.  Time time TIME.

Jackie saying how much fun he had at Mom and Dad’s for his birthday dinner, Emmie too.

Distracted by something.  Hate when that happens. What’s the next distraction going to be, or knot of indecisiveness which is so Mike Madigan.  Tomorrow, take kids to school then head to SF, then fucking Berkeley after that.  The commute and driving to site visits on top of that is starting to get to me.  Not sure what to do.  Well, I am… but more on that later.

Fining my writing style and “rules” I guess you could call them. Never really had rules before but I do now.  I have to, otherwise the shit just goes whichever way to whatever.

Another distraction… should just call it. Day over, clock out.  Come back in the morning, take this thing with me to the third floor which I’ve only did once only to not wake up at the early hour I wanted to write.