Date always looking funny to me now.  Anyway, up.  8:48. 

Jack to be at tryouts, or now they call them “assessments”, at 1:45, Piner HS.  Gave myself due date of Monday 1/23 for my expense report.  Should be working on it now, but wanted a little entry and some espresso & cinnamon.

Strong, already very much working and causing me to slow sips.  The story of a single dad trying to start a business.  A blogging business… marketing, narration, story telling… EVERYTHING about the Now.

Had a dream about this marketing office or ‘firm’ I’d start.  String just with me, and me as a client.. putting out notes and thoughts, all positive and encouraging…. Just brainstorming at this point, but that’s where the thought climate and tide resides this morning.

Kids enjoying their Saturday, in Santa Rosa around 1:30… mapping it all out in my head.  Planning behind marketing, and how I don’t really like that word, so I take it out and just tell the story.  Me starting a business when funds are tight.  So… use what you already have, what’s in place.  The Postmodern…. telling you, that’s the answer.