Still going over the conversation with my uncle.  Everything he said, all his details in how he built this one house, then another, then one for his parents along the coast.  Makes me wonder where I’m going… with all this.  With writing, running, business and technology.  Any wine business I start, which now I’m starting to think I DON’T want to.  Sure that’ll change by EOD, watch…

Grateful to this kitchen, this island counter, this morning, antithetical to yesterday and last night driving home with those nerves in that downpour, then the day before just with everything.  Reshaping and diluting my attitude and concern.  Enjoying the moment, LIFE.


No rush, rushing, anything associated with rush or frenzy this morning.  Calm… COMPOSITION.  What else can I do this morning, what thoughts can I bring to a more lively and actual LIFE…?

What do I(!!!), want to do.  That’s what I’m asking myself right now…. Check mail, only one relevant thing in there.  Good, simplicity, minimalism… love it.

Lunch in San Mateo yesterday after the site walk, place I’d never been.  Had a Cobb Salad, of course with no bleu cheese ‘cause I think it’s repugnant…