12:30pm.  And….  Still thinking.  Coffee being sipped slow.  Slow, and with meditative dote.  My plan for 2023, working on some areas… not letting myself fall into any negative lull, or be magnetized by anything ugly.  Developments this week I in no way saw approaching.

Loving the day, finding peace.  Thinking of each of my babies – Emmie, Jack, Henry Lucas…. How they are each a story, a long stretch of books.  Henry, picked up early today for an appointment over zoom that I’ll just do here at the house.  Can’t wait to see him, his little face when I hold him, talk to him, when he tells me he’s hungry and wants “yummies”.  The sweetest little human that’s ever walked in my story, easily.  Not to say that Jackie and Emmie aren’t sweet.  Henry is just…. Henry.