New day.  New EVERYTHING.  Working in the kitchen today… cooking a new reality.  Symbol intentional and also no intention.  See what happens….  Starting with espresso, then coffee which is already made.

Reviewing the conversation with Uncle Stevie last night, the story about his friend Mikey whose car broke down on Highway 4 somewhere in the middle of nothing and he opened a bottle of wine from the trunk and had a glass.  He had no gas actually, that was it… then sees a cyclist oddly and almost frighteningly, gives him a $20 and asks if he could go into the nearest town and get him some gas.  Mikey knew he would never see the guy again, but to see the look on his face… that was the objective.

Then how Uncle and Auntie Linda saved money and moved up to Oregon, bought up some houses and built houses… saved and moved money around, really never needing to find a traditional job situation.


No music… need to concentrate.  Be PRESENT.  Here, in the kitchen as Dad says.  But different.