Not sure where to start with day.  

Driving in rain, to and from Mountain View site.  Call with Uncle Stevie from SF to Sweet T’s.. now at poz loft, sipping a zin after sending uncle another letter with a now-add, reflection on our call.

Feel more than “better” after talking to him.  Rain still, rain the whole way, and now rain while at the kitchen island counter, or 228 Bar as I call it.

Grateful, all I can say.  Changes at the old company have my attention, and I’m thinking.. would I go back.  Honestly, I don’t know.  I don’t know… thinking about the kids, and the opportunity in tomorrow, like Auntie Linda said in a text while I was waiting for the check.

Collecting now, slowing down.. tIred from the drive down to Mountain View then back up, walking from One Maritime to 425 only to walk back after sending one email in office.

I might be a little edgy… more wine, this Opolo, Thant should help.  Bought this at Safeway, on sale.  And a Zin, surprising for me… Composition.

Finally for my character.  These last two days have tested, but after talking to Uncle.. I’m carrels and fearless, FREE.