Raining like I’ve never felt it rain.  

And it’s supposed to push through today and I think into tomorrow and Saturday?  Did I read that right?  On my second espresso.  Call planed for later, but other than that no much to day.  I don’t like that, changing.  Lining aims, one by one.

This back and forth with myself isn’t what I should be doing, in an arena.  Stopping… looking at yesterday’s writing which wasn’t much aside from journal.  Two verses, then a note I think.  Too lazy to check, still waking up.  Coffee to nurse after this mini-cup.

Story about cold-calling… all comedy.  That’s what I’m noting now, to left, on page.  It’s hilarious, it really is.  All of it.. from the idea to the practice, to anyone who thinks it works today.

Woke in a mood.  Don’t know if it’s the rain or what.  Comedy Mike, laugh at it.. laugh at YOU and your stresses, the beings and entities that deliver nerves.  Catch myself smirking when I think of certain voices, people now.  There… that’s better.

Rain, the Eric Hilton list… zen.

8:50am…. Loving more the morning.  Sentence in Happiness Project.  2023’s song, already in love.