Happiness design, practice, thoughts… writing it the way it should be.  Simplicity in morning…. 

Drive back from the city yesterday, not so bad but just enough traffic to annoy me.  Didn’t last long… light rain.  Thoughts about the commute itself and what I’m doing here.  Specifics cited in journal pages.

Trying to put myself in HST mind, mode.  Maybe have more coffee, till you shake and tremor, see what’s produced and propelled to page.  The idea of work, versus a job, versus life’s work and what you’re remembered for, what you want to be remembered by.

Older I get I think about this more.  Especially this morning.

First call, ready…. 15 minutes or so I pick up the phone.  So much I want to say, but saving for journal and book, notes more fiery and truthful, unobstructed.

Text comes in… not sure who it is and I don’t want to look.  Distracting self… only makes my thinking more random and scattered.

Happiness, mental health… attainable through the journaling practice, I thought walking from CA Street to One Maritime last night.  More than manifesting, MANUSCRIPT-ING.