Decided to get a latte, oh well.

Windsor, fascinating me this morning from the building types and shapes, colors and angles to the brick strip of a crosswalk from one side of Windsor River to other.

In chair, thought by thought… about to scribble in RECORD journal.  Sales, visibility, the opposite of sales… telling stories, sharing positive thoughts and intentions.  That’s more marketable and frankly valuable than some innovative tech step.

Started this “Cash In Wallet” project and spreadsheet.  Not sure what the point is other than to know where every penny goes, from the wallet.  $4.75 remaining budgeted for day.  No plans to lunch out, and with this new project I can’t afford it.  I love that.  SAVE.

Need a certain amount for a business project for ’23…. Nearly there, I think.  Involving photography and media.  We’ll see.  Starting with wine, Sonoma County, people as they walk away and cross the street as they do in Healdsburg’s Square and downtown Saint Helena.

Thought I misplaced a check… Jesus.  Found it, dealing with at lunch.  Nothing happening in sales story, at least not now.  So just listening to chill beats and thinking…