Surprised with how much I wrote yesterday.  Pleased.  Day in the office by myself, rewarding and utilized fully.  Now at desk with new chair, xmas gift.  Content, eager for the new year…. Setting up a prospecting design, new one.  More later…

Espresso.  Thought about a Café Noto walk, but decided to save what I can.  And they’re not cheap, so good move from the writer/attempted money master.

Possible blog assignment approaching… no details disclosed here but there is a conversation, for sure.  Excited but not letting the excitement have me levitate too much.

Checked mail, nothing of note other than the cold and clear skies, steam or mist upward from other side of fence dividing this complex and the one south.

Singularizing while expanding… simplification, consolidation.  Which includes relationships.

Current emotion – PEACE.  Gratitude.  Happiness.  Nothing allowed to obstruct.

This espresso, telling me to keep writing.  Keep self in this new chair.  Maybe I should walk to Noto, gift self a latte… enjoy the Windsor air.  Making myself stop thinking, about words and composition and just put self to page – the vision of me this year only having to write and post, finish books as I can…