Life and how abbreviated it is….  Not fair.  But the way it is.  10:48, leaving soon I think.  Taking this time to be with ME… meditation in this chair, before speaking to any human.  Peace…. I’m on my way to what I want, what I need to provide the kids.  I’m not stopping, for anyone, or any fucking thing.  2023 will see an unusual aggression from me.  Writing more than a thousand words, all days.  Finding humor in moments, event his one… all these promises.  Great… you gonna keep ‘em, Mikey?  Well, honestly, I don’t know.  Making fun of myself in this light… the typical Mikey ways.  Like my kids’ mother used to say, “That’s so Mikey….” She was always right when voicing this.  And it was funny.  I miss those interactions.  So I say the same to self now with these promises, many of which, if I were a weatherman-type forecaster, ain’t gonna take shape.