Back at loft for a bit before heading back to Santa Rosa’s eastern side. 

 In office.. not letting self feel anxious as I was, thinking “I need to clean the house before leaving…” No I don’t.  I’m gifting myself this – Time in the office, a clear and clean desktop.  Thoughts.

All these gifts I bought other people, and I want only this for me.  This… the postmodern, the “obvious”, the immediate.

Beginning first column tonight, and settled on a name for the column when parking at the Windsor Starbucks.  Couldn’t believe they were open.  I thanked the girl behind the reg’ for being open today.  She said thank you, I think.  Hard to hear from behind her mask and with how loud and busy they were.

Hard to believe I have this quiet, this peace, this gift.  And it IS absolutely y gift, unusual boon for not just a writer, but human.

Missing the kids already, but writing though it.  Watching them open their gifts this morning…. Don’t get me started.  I don’t have time to cry.

No the New Year really is with up-wheels.  Acknowledging this new week, and the outing planned for tomorrow.