Check into work again and….  Tumbleweeds.

1:46pm bath done, kids still content, me getting hungry.  Tired.  Not sure why but sleep last night not steady.  Why am I having so much goddamn trouble sleeping at my age.  Is it an ‘at my age’ thing?  Has to be.  Fuck getting old.

Finding my stresses and anxieties around anything sales and parenting (ONLY SOMETIMES!!!), money and business, hilarious.  So much is unable to be controlled I can only make fun of myself when I get nervy.

Remember, simplify, consolidate…. Shed as much as you can.

Why can’t I be as at peace as the kids are with simple acts like playing with toys, chewing gum, watching a cartoon?  Playing a game…?  Still learning.

Saw a thing on YouTube a bit ago, a commercialI think, about the new year.  Newness, and beginning a new practice or life.  Of course I’ve thought about this before in my nearly 44 years a mortal, but…. Different this time.

Has to be dad life, being divorced, the new sales story, commuting regularly for the first time in over 10 years.  More notes in the 2023 doc.

Tell Henry we’re gonna take a nap in a bit.  He ignores me, play with the toys I have set in the loft for him.