Poor little Henry, sick before xmas.  Not too bad, but I can tell he’s struggling a little bit.

Starbucks breakfast again for the big kids, Henry not showing much interest in anything but relaxing on the couch watching Paw Patrol.

Sales story still deathly quiet…. Message the other MF BDM, wishing happy holidays, then my CRE buddy….  11:11

Henry looking like he might fall asleep on the couch, poor chap.  I ask him if he’s tired, he responds “Yeah…” in his raspy Henry voice.  I ask him if want to go nite-nite in Daddy’s bed, he again says yes but objects when I motion to carry him upstairs.  So I come back here to the nook table, check into work again, and sip the latte which I definitely shouldn’t have bought.

All three kids at peace… adding to list, checking into work one more time then I’m clocking OUT.

Another note from my uncle.  He doesn’t need much time to connect with his images and syllables, unintended rime and music to mused meter.  Another writing instructor at this point in my principle prose.  First Dad with his communications and expression, now my Uncle.

Henry content, grateful.  Should not have bought myself a 3-shot latte…. Going into this new year.  The simple and singular approach.