My daughter’s 7th birthday.  SEVEN.  Can’t believe it, seriously having trouble wrapping my head around it.  I will eventually, maybe, I think.  See her later, and am barely capable .

Set in this documentary mind and approach.  Everything, EVERYTHING… all that occurs.  From waking up this morning and taking a long relaxing shower, finally shaving, then remembering I had to drop off some breakfast – really, donuts – off to a Multifam property in Rohnert Park.  Met the PM, she gave me a tour which I didn’t expect.  Realized what I enjoy about the MF world.  Like the wine world and in the tasting room, THE PEOPLE.  

And, the architecture and property itself.  How it looks, feels, even the smells in the halls and leasing offices.  Such as the property in Mountain View.

No more emphasis on word count and length.  Yes, 199 words is the noted note, the magic print, but I’m not held to it.  Typing now as I’m in a national sales meeting.  I am listening, just not too closely.

Little sinus headache but not too bad.  Feeling better, more energy, hungry for something to happen.  No writing last night but today all documented… each day an autonomous document.