3:28… Looking at pictures from dinner party, Friday.  San Carlos, Laurel Street, my old neighborhood. 

Before dinner meeting Len, owner of Wine Gallery a few doors down from the restaurant.  We talked about imports and Sonoma Valley, and other AVA’s in Sonoma, then Napa… he asking me about Orin Swift after telling him I advised there every other Sunday.

Keep coming back to wine.  Why… what is it… the people obviously, but I think something else.  The feeling of no attachment, freedom, the literary qualities and compassion with what’s in the glass.

Closing in on 4pm.  Went outside to check mail, first time in the day’s air.  Chilled obviously, but not too aggressive, kind and calm, music.  Days like this, when you’re home sick but working but not killing yourself, if your safe and creative space and the ideas won’t leave you alone… GIFT.  Absolute bullion.

Posted the below to blog… Again from my sweet little Emma the other day saying I need to teach again.  MY room, without question or doubt, this office. First floor of the poz loft.  Quietude, especially with these Eric Hilton beats, thinking of the wine I’ll be tasting later and the accompanying scribbles.