Back from date with ME at the Himalayan spot on the Green.

Tired when up this morning but site walk enlivened me, and anticipation of it.  Home now, working here tomorrow.  8:40 present time.  Not much writing today, but….

Here I am.  Missing the kids but they’ll be here tomorrow.  Told their mom to communicate that to them, that I love and miss them – who knows if that’ll be delivered.

Not planning on doing much writing tonight.  Again feeling odd.  Tired, but wildly awake and charged, new voltage and music about me.

Switching from Tycho to Coltrane.  Had wine with dinner, so a beer now.  Taking notes and reviewing what I scribbled int he RECORD yesterday.  Today, writing “log activity…”

What I’ve done.  Meeting another colleague, Carina.  Amazingly kind and helpful, generous human from SoCal office.  She’ll be at holiday dinner next week.  Her voice was jazz…

Like this random Coltrane scale and note assemble, sideways and diagonal but sweet and connective.

Rest of the night off? …..  Ran into Dane, CEO of Sonic.  Makes me miss the company more.  Second-guessing self but I can’t.  Follow the story new, decision to drive to SF, park at Maritime One.

Happy now commute in AM.  Contributing to my night’s zen composition.