9:23, nearly forgot I had to pick up my car from the collision replace place in Santa Rosa.  Did that, got latte, and in chair.

This office is a goddamn mess and it’s stressing me.  Rather, I’m letting it stress me.

Have to get to store before picking up kids, lunch run planned at noon….  And the day is off.

Logging activity, posting EVERYTHING to BDX.  Yesterday in the office shown how to log activity in the CRM.  Thought if I’m to manifest my writing and blogger, tech and sales life the way I want to I need to log ALL activity.  Not just at the company.

How I’m spending my time, what I do when I get home like last night after having dinner at Himalayan coming home and writing a bit.  Some notes… single words and fragments, singular lines.

Latte speaking to me.  Telling me to keep going.  Be like your SE, singular and simple, consolidated.  4 shots, and they are speaking to me, no doubt.

More and more needing my cheater glasses.  Just put them on.  Posted something last night with several typos.  Fixed them, but was like FUCK.  No glasses at dinner when posted.