Kids up, triple espresso.  Harmony.  No disruptions or scuffles.  

Great night sleep for little Henry and I, Jack waking a little early, curiously.  Total zen in poz loft condo.

Second floor now, to be expect.  Jack talking with one of his friends over that game, Emmie watching some show, Henry playing with that new toy doing touch-and-go’s on waffles.

Driving out to Sonoma, to some path my parents recommended.  Packing lunches today after spending a bit too much yesterday at Oliver’s.  Daddy budget, single dad budget….

Being forced to pay support, single dad bloody budget.  All good.  Thankful for the off the books cash smatterings.  Not many, but enough to help feed the kids, and self.

Try to get a funny picture of Emma, saying “Funny picture babe!” Not going for it.  So I get what I get to log the morning and its tranquilly take and talk.  Grateful in my lit lot.

They are the story, the subject and topic, EVERYTHING.  Thinking the SF thoughts, I call them again this morning.  Not posting what that means, rather recording in RECORD journal.

One day – working solely from loft.  I’ll stop there.  This will all be memory someday-=. Someday?  How about later today?  This morning isn’t forever.