Saturday.  Finally.  Shouldn’t say that, and like that, I know.  

All days are stories and have something for me.

Henry asking for help with his show, always pressing a button nd exiting out of it and needing me to find what he was watching and where.  Breakfast for him, Cheerios of the apple-cinnamon sort, and ice water in his little cup rather than milk, to my surprise and new study.

Espresso, double, my second after a night of little sleep with Henry’s cough that’s STILL bothersome and intrusive.  Not complaining, feel sorry for the little friend.

No plans today.  Yes hit the office and clean it, but no pressure on self.  That;’s what contributes to nerves.  The most advantageous foresight is now-sight.  Echo in the immediacy, my Now and all its architecture only meant to instruct and motivate me.  Like a new professor, intangible but very much speaking and vocal, the scene magnified and amplified from its sermon.

The idea of prospecting lacing my morning manuscript with tranquil ebbs and edge.  Impassioned pell-mell, only assuring than in coming weeks I sell well.  And not so much sell but TELL and kindly offer my story.

Noticing anxious perambulations disappear.  Grateful again….