11:33 still working on list of prospects.  Next week, the aim is

to be on the phone, always.  So much to do this weekend and again I wonder if I should stop the Sunday tasting room practice.

Went outside to get the mail.  Beautiful fall intonation… may take myself out for lunch again.  Have to get through all this mail first.  Hold on….

Done.  Not getting out as I thought I might.  Slower, listening to these Eric Hilton beats and arrangements, of course giving off the Thievery vibe, and chill wine room talk.  I’m here, this messy desk, and not stressing even a little.

Just wrote in the Happiness Project journal that I refuse to surrender my smile.  That’s my business plan, or part of it, with this new sales story till I reach my little tasting room.  No longer avoiding that term.  Embracing it madly and ready for that story, the one that will be present and pronounced till I close up.

Ignoring all these papers and the clutter in this office.  Tomorrow, the project is an attack on this clutter, these piles… be truly a minimalist writer.  Just me and this laptop and the RECORD journal.