11/16/22 – 5:56am.  Some time to self before the road.  

This hour is harsh, but I’m more or less used to it by now.  Tried turning on some music but Spotify acts strange just when I don’t need it to.  Event tonight in Oakland, will just make an appearance.  Have some decaf introduce self then head back to loft.  Quick dinner then bed.

Didn’t sleep that well but woke around 4:15 I think readier than ready for day.  Aim at this event, say hello.  NO SELLING, which I don’t have to say nor do anyway, but …..

First deal may be coming in this week, yesterday coming to fruition much quicker than I anticipated.  But, as I said when an AE, there’s no ink till it’s inked.  So true.  Had hopes too high too many times and was afterward too down on self.  No more.

Kerri telling me this morning that I shouldn’t feel bad or have any harshness inwardly in getting lattes in the morning.  “To me, it’s like the same thing as needing gas for your car…” she said.  Never thought of it that way.

AND, how much do I really get for myself, treat-wise.

…getting a fucking latte this morning, and possibly one later…