9:17… some chill house, and the exhaustion is catching me.

Thinking bed sooner than forecast.  Looking through old Sonic pics, President’s Club trip and other… time just passing and I know there’s nothing I can do to stop or augment.  Just be present.

Messaging friends and friends from the old neighborhood.  Time rushing by me and laughing and waving.  One more glass of that red blend, then readying for bed.  Back in SF, California Street in the morning.  Two conversations to start tomorrow.  Know exactly what I’m going to say but don’t.  Less planning. More whim and embrace fo the immediate, the Now.. That’s what “startup” practice and way is, as I understand.  Not concerned with correctness, that’s just what I’m dong, where I’m going.

Chill house beats making me think more of what brought me here.  And making me realize I need to stop typing, stop working.. LIVE more.  Watching something, or just keep communicating with friends, enjoy the wine and music.

My own bar, music and wine, close when I want, and I have to be tempered and contained ce soir.

Closing this little monster, more more words… only experience, love, inner-words and conversation.  Newness, tonight and tomorrow.  Grateful with avalanche kiss…